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MES Implementation Experiences

ATS Applied Tech Systems will offer a workshop designed to bring some answers to the burning question of how best to implement MES through interactive involvement of the participants.

From their research and experience with MES implementations at both large and small customers, ATS have become aware of the need to share experiences and lessons learnt. By sharing best -and worst- practices, a perfect platform for idea creation can be created, they say.

ATS expects a lively debate during this workshop. Mike James, Group Managing Director of ATS International B.V. and Director at Large of MESA Europe will be the moderator and will give presentations on the subject.

Only end-users are being invited to this workshop which will allow experiences to be shared in a private environment designed to understand the best way of implementing MES. The workshop is product neutral in order to promote the exchange of information and ideas.



Reasons for deployment (strategic initiatives)

Current Research and Status on MES Implementations

Current Research and Status on Suppliers/Solution Providers

Implementation Examples

Small (single plant)

Large (multi-plant)

Implementation Examples

Limited number of MES functions

Most MES functions

Business Case

Debate (throughout the day)

The IT / Production Powerplay

Effect of Deployment Policy

Summary and Conclusions

The workshop will run from 9.00 a.m. until 16.00 p.m.

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