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MEP releases advanced wet chemical analysers for process lines

MEP Instruments introduces a highly advanced wet chemical analyser for
process lines. The new ADI 2045TI uses high quality Metrohm analysis modules such
as the Titrando range of titrators.

The new analytical system combines Metrohm’s knowledge and experience in
laboratory analysis with Applikon’s expertise in process control
instrumentation to perform nearly every on-line wet chemical analysis in the
most difficult environments.

ADI 2045TI wet chemical analysers can be configured for several specific
applications using a wide range of available modules including Metrohm
burettes, pumps, vessels, valves, loops and digester among others, providing a
solution for each application problem.

The control software allows the user to program sequences of methods,
set conditions and alarms, and manually control the analysers. The results are
displayed numerically as well as graphically, and stored in a database.

The ADI 2045TI can be programmed for one or more of the following methods:
Titration for a broad range of applications; Karl Fischer
titration for water determination in liquid streams (oil, solvents,
glycol, etc.); Colorimetry for water quality analysis and various process
solutions; Dynamic Standard Addition for ion specific analysis using Ion
Selective Electrodes; and Direct Measurement for measuring physical
parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature.

The capability to be programmed for a combination of methods enables a
single wet chemical analyser unit to fulfil all analysis requirements. The
option for simultaneous analysis to increase response times makes the ADI
2045TI an even more powerful device.

The full range of Metrohm‐Applikon process analysis solutions is available
in Australia and New Zealand at MEP Instruments, a Metrohm and Anton Paar

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