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MEP Instruments releases beverage Brix measuring machines

The Abbemat Juice Station available in Australia from MEP Instruments is a new range of refractometers designed to provide reliable and stable °Brix results in beverage analysis.

The expected product quality in natural fruit juices can be achieved only if the beverage meets the defined product specifications.

One of the most important quality analysis parameters in juice production is °Brix, which represents the sugar concentration as well as the composition of the juice. The problem arises with juices such as orange juice, which contain pulp that remains in the beverage.

Taking a °Brix measurement with a conventional refractometer may give unstable readings when the pulp starts to sediment on the measuring prism.

Abbemat Juice Station refractometers however, feature a vertical setup that avoids the sedimentation of particles on the prism and ensures reliable and stable measuring results.

Key advantages of Abbemat Juice Station refractometers include easy operation; attached filling funnel delivering fast and simple serial analyses; measuring prism not required to be cleaned since the next sample flushes out the previous one; and automatic temperature control of the sample offering the assurance of accurate measuring conditions. 

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