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Melt pressure transmitters with unique circuitry

The Dynisco SPX-T (3-Series) smart melt pressure transmitters with a 4-20mA output has some unique temperature compensation circuitry (Dynisco has termed this feature DynaLarity), which delivers accurate pressure measurement under high processing temperatures. It is also said to improve on pressure measurement errors and low/zero pressure applied, too.

The SPX-T smart melt pressure transmitter is capable of eliminating thermal zero shift , a common problem with melt pressure transmitters, where their measured pressure output varies at low pressure between a cold extruder, and elevated running temperatures once operational.

Temperature compensation is based on an internal RTD measurement that compensates for temperature variations that in turn reduces temperature-related drift and increases accuracy.

There is no need to re-zero for temperature changes after installation. The device uses an advanced algorithm that will linearise offsets due to process effects on the sensor.

Combined Temperature Compensation and DynaLarity¬ô reduces temperature-related drift by as much as 80 per cent and improves accuracy by more than 60 per cent over other sensors, says the manufacturer.



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