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MCG looks to IoT solutions


Spotless Group is running a hackathon at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to generate new ideas in IoT and data technology that will enhance visitor experience at the MCG.

‘Spotless Hack @ the G’ will bring together innovators, creators and entrepreneurs in a two-day event from 21-22 November.

Spotless hopes to find IoT applications that “enhance the experience for customers within the context of venue and event management,” said general manager of brand, innovation and technology, Julian Fogarty to itnews.

“That could look at helping to manage queues for food or restrooms, so perhaps there’s ways we can monitor current queues based on sensors and then automatically help redirect people who are attending a game to another café to get food or to another restroom.”

Fogarty also mentioned that the company manages HVAC across the whole venue, and is considering the use of targeted sensors to determine attendee comfort and address it in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

The company provides integrated facilities management services such as catering and hospitality, cleaning, linen, maintenance, security and waste management.

The Hackathon is a joint initiative between Spotless Group and global startup accelerator Startupbootcamp.

The winner will receive $10,000, as well as a six month spot at Startupbootcamp and access to Amazon Web Services and the SIGFOX network and its IoT development kits.

“Many emerging trends, such as the ‘Internet of Things’, are quickly becoming disruptive forces in our industry and for our customers, and we want to be at the forefront of developments,” Fogarty told startupsmart.

“We are not only looking at how we can best leverage our own insights and ideas but [we are also eager to work closely with the broader innovation ecosystem of suppliers, clients, startups, universities and research institutes.”

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