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Melbourne gas conference charts path to zero emissions

Gas Energy Australia will host its National Forum at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park on 30 and 31 May 2024, with the theme ‘Renewable Gas: Changing the Game’.

The opening day of the National Forum will hear from international and Australian leaders and those at the coal face in developing government policy. 

It will also delve into the substantive and market research that is increasingly seeing LPG recognised as a solution to decarbonising energy through net zero bioLPG, actual zero synthetic renewable LPG (rLPG) and renewable DME.

This would deliver Australian families and businesses net zero gas over the same time frame as electricity via the grid but without the hefty price tag or issues around reliability.

More than 2 million Aussie households run on LPG for home cooking, hot water and heating, and it grows every year. 

That’s distinct from LPG use in 6 million BBQs, 750,000 caravans and campervans, as well as commercial kitchens, hospitals, schools and hot-air ballooning.

These renewable alternatives will be available in Australia soon and can replace all conventional LPG use by 2045.

The alternatives will be available without any additional capital costs as the new gases are one-for-one replacements and require no changes to existing infrastructure, appliances or functionality. 

This stands to save homeowners and businesses tens of thousands of dollars in not having to make the switch to more expensive electrical appliances and upgrade premise wiring to cope with the new power loads.

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