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Meggitt POD accelerometer modular mounting system revolutionising vibration sensor testing

Bestech Australia presents a new pod accelerometer modular mounting system from Meggitt designed to revolutionise vibration sensor testing.

The Endevco 46A general purpose accelerometer from Bestech, available in five sensitivities from 10 to 1000 mV/g, is threaded and can be fitted into a variety of different mounting blocks (or pods), with a stud or adhesive mount. The pods offer test technicians the greatest possible flexibility.

The hex and cube pods are designed to mount traditional single axis measurements, while the tri-hex pod featuring slots for three sensors, allows technicians to test up to three sensitivities at the same time. For multi-axis testing, the triaxial pod enables different sensitivities to be tested on different axes. The accelerometers can be removed and replaced, leaving the mount in place on the test object.

The innovative system will save money when the accelerometer has to be fixed permanently on to the test object; only the mount has to be affixed, while the more expensive accelerometer can be removed at the end of the test or swapped with an accelerometer of a different sensitivity. The triaxial pod will provide substantial savings when a sensor on one axis breaks during testing because only the broken sensor has to be replaced instead of the whole unit.

Tests prove the threaded accelerometer will not loosen from the pod; however the 46A and mounting bases have lock wire holes for customers that require them. The accelerometer has a 10-32 microdot top connector, is eligible to bear the CE Mark and is IEEE P1451.4 TEDS capable. Pods are offered in anodised aluminium for applications where case isolation is needed and in titanium where case grounded measurements are required.

This product is fully compliant with the European Union’s Low Voltage Directive, 2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and is eligible to bear the CE Mark.

Endevco Model 46AXX POD accelerometer supplied by Bestech Australia is a general purpose accelerometer designed for versatility in mounting configuration.

Key features include POD mounts available in five configurations including hex mount, cube mount, triaxial mount, tri-hex mount, and cube adhesive mount; POD accelerometer sensor assemblies allowing mixing and matching in any of the POD mounts; and POD sensor assembly and mounting bases featuring lock wire holes to prevent the POD accelerometer from loosening during vibration for extra safety.

The hex and cube mounts are ideal for traditional single axis measurements, while the triaxial mount allows the user to select the same or different sensitivities on each orthogonal axis. The tri-hex mount is recommended for users that do not know the correct accelerometer sensitivity for the test, and allows three different POD accelerometer sensor assemblies to be threaded in a single mount.

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