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Mechanised robotic welding range announced

KEMPPI, a leading international welding equipment manufacturer, has released a new range of mechanised and robotic welding systems.

These can be combined with Kemppi WISE software processes to increase productivity several hundred per cent when compared to manual welding, as well as ensuring greater continuity in weld quality.

Simple to operate and user-friendly, the Kemppi Mechanised Welding Systems empower the user with quicker welding and improved safely.

Time and costs are reduced, not only because the systems improve the speed of welding, but also because the need for rework is diminished.

The wide range features simple and compact battery powered systems to advanced professional solutions for multilayer welding of pipes and tubes.

This includes the A5 Mig Rail System 2500, the A3 Mig Rail System 2500, the A5 Mig Orbital System 1500, and the A5 Tig Orbital System 75 and A7 Tig Orbital 150 and 300. For those involved in Robotic welding, the new A7 Mig Welder 450 is impressive.

This solution is designed for robotic arc welding and can be easily integrated with any robot brand. It is ideal for any industry using robotic welding for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium components.

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