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Mechanical way to keep solids in suspension

Traditionally, the food and beverage industry relied on mechanical devices to keep solids in suspension. However there is another, simpler way to mix and maintain desired suspension levels. 

Polished AISI 316 Stainless Steel Eductors from Tecpro Australia offer a solution. They are highly polished inside and out to prevent bacteria build up. Recently installed in large milk silos in a processing plant, the special Tecpro Eductors are responsible for keeping milk solids in suspension. 

The Eductors keep the solids in suspension in two ways:
1)    The Eductors are strategically positioned in the silo to ensure they produce a continuous current, which cycles product from the bottom to the top of the tank. This prevents the solids from settling so they remain in suspension.

2)    Liquid is pumped through the Eductors causing liquid in the vicinity to be drawn-in and through the Eductors, thereby mixing the induced liquid (which usually has a high concentration of solids) with the pumped liquid. 

This system is ideal when adding fresh product to the silo or to ensure all product is continuously circulated throughout the tank.

Typically, the pumped liquid mixes with the induced liquid in a ratio of 4:1

With no moving parts, the Eductors are maintenance free. While a pump is required to move the liquid through the Eductors, it is located outside the tank making maintenance easy.

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