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Measuring flow rates of viscous media

If there is need to measure flow rates of viscous media with low space requirement and under harsh conditions, consider the oval gear flow meter of DON series from Kobold.

It is optimally designed for such applications. It is used to monitor or dose lubricants, pastes and oils-, as well as to measure flow rates of various chemicals-, and even fuel consumption measurements. It covers a viscosity range of up to 1000 cP as standard. Through an appropriate conversion and use of special cut rotors, the DON can even be used for media with viscosities of up to 1,000,000 cP.

Through a multitude of designs and combinations the device can be used for a wide range of industrial measurement tasks. There are 13 measuring ranges available, from 0.5–36 l/h through to 150–2500 l/h. Industry standard threads or flanges can be used for installation in pipes. Devices with stainless steel housing can withstand pressures of up to 400 bar. Versions for media temperatures of up to 150°C are also available.

High-quality carbon graphite bearings for stainless steel oval wheels and the contact-free recording of rotations via encapsulated rotor magnets cause virtually no wear. Optional fibre-reinforced PPS rotors do not need any bearing. Stainless steel or aluminium can be selected for the housing. Due to high repetition accuracy of ± 0.03%, the DON flow meter is ideally suited for batching tasks. As no inlet or outlet runs are required, there is an extremely low space requirement.

Various electronic versions with LCD-display provide perfect solutions for a host of different measurement tasks. A loop powered 4…20 mA analogue output without display, mechanical totalisers and reset day counters are available, as are various pulse outputs and output with two hall sensors, which is suited not only for redundant but also for bi-directional flow metering applications. Already deliverable explosion proof (Exd) version and intrinsically safe (Exia) version (ATEX and IECEx) complete the comprehensive offer.


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