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M&E NSW Preview 2014: Slurry density gauges

Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd presents the densiMAG, a low cost, user-friendly and portable slurry density gauge designed for easy collection of process samples directly from plant and equipment. 

MAGNASAT technology provides fast density measurements of samples taken from process streams. The portable device can be operated by a single person and allows process samples to be collected from around the plant for measurement.

Key features of densiMAG portable slurry density gauges include rugged enclosure containing the PLC, operator interface and density display; interconnection cable between the measurement housing and the PLC; sample analysis container and reference coil; and long handled probe for safe access into sample streams. 

The densiMAG portable slurry density gauge finds application in diamond processing plants; minerals sands plants; dense media circuits; jigging plants for metal recovery; iron ore processing plants; coal washeries; university research; and various industrial/minerals processing environments.

Key benefits of densiMAG portable slurry density gauges include ease and speed of use allowing instant results; lightweight, rugged construction allowing use in plants. 

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