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M&E NSW 2014 Preview: Pipe system couplings

Georg Fischer are set to display their piping system solutions, with a particular focus on their electrofusion couplers, at the Mining & Engineering New South Wales (M&E NSW) Exhibition on stand 3045. 

Constructing large dimension pipelines presents various challenges and requires pipeline components to be specifically designed, which is why GF Piping System’s electrofusion couplers for water and gas applications are design to provide a quick, reliable, durable and safe connection for your pipes and spigot fittings due to the active reinforcement. 

The coupler range available from GF Piping Systems consists of two main types of categories based on the technology they incorporate. 

The d900-d1200mm couplers feature a flex groove design that provides a more effective joint as a result of special geometry and wall thickness, with the d355-d800mm couplers providing active re-enforcement through refined and proven pipe-in-pipe technology.

GF Piping System’s coupler range features active reinforcement, which ensures a more comprehensive solution when compared to rival products. 

This unique operating feature is derived from manufacturing technology and provides a stronger or ‘fused’ connection by pressing the outer pipe over the inner pipe, which is fused by heating the inner ring, whilst applying pressure through the reinforcement ring on the outside, to ensure gaps are eliminated and the expansion of the coupler is prevented. 

By applying constant pressure from the outside during the cooling process the coupler shrinks onto the pipe. 

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