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MC1 system features multi slot module case and signal conditioning modules

Bestech Australia introduces a brand new MC1 system featuring a series of module cases and a family of signal conditioning modules in an economical and flexible package.

Allowing customisation to meet specific instrumentation needs, the new MC1 system incorporates module cases containing the system power supply, backplane, input/output wiring interface and mechanical housing necessary for support of the MC1 signal conditioning modules.

The MC1 system signal conditioning modules plug into any one of the MC1 module cases. A wide variety of modules is provided for any type of low level sensor.

Key features of the MC1 system include standard ±10Vdc output for each module; modules providing all required sensor excitation, amplification, filtering and calibration adjustment; modular plug-in signal conditioning for a wide variety of inputs; suitable for use with chart recorders, oscilloscopes and data acquisition systems; and 10- or 20-channel module cases for rack mounting.

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