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Maxon’s new high speed 19mm brushless DC motors

Maxon Motor Australia introduces into the Australian market, a new range
of electronically commutated 19mm brushless motors featuring a sterilisable
high speed planetary gearhead.

Maxon’s new brushless DC motor GP19M delivers 120W of power from only a 19mm
diameter, achieving speeds of up to 100,000rpm. Being sterilisable up to 1000
times, the new brushless motors are proven in medical applications. Also
available in non-sterilisable forms, the DC motors can be manufactured with or
without hall sensors depending on the type of brushless motor controller being

While high speeds are perfectly suitable for dental tools and surgical
hand tools, pumps and actuators need a lower speed and higher torque. Even the high
spec ceramic planetary gearheads that have become available recently, can only
withstand input speeds up to 8000rpm and on rare occasions, up to 12,000rpm.

The new GP19M high speed brushless DC motors achieve continuous input
speeds of up to 40,000rpm, opening up many new application possibilities.

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