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Maxon Motor’s new miniature DC motors now available in Australia with short lead times

Maxon Motor Australia follows up the successful launch
of the robotically manufactured DCX motor range with new miniature DC motor
additions available across Australia with short lead times. Maxon Motor can
customise and dispatch even more motor gearhead and encoder combinations to
Australia in only 11 days.

Miniature DC motors from Maxon Motor offer high torque
and efficiency via longer rare earth magnet variants and additional gearhead
selections. The gearheads can now be assembled with lower diameter motors for
improved weight and space savings. The new mini motors are 14mm, 16mm, 22mm and
26mm in size, and also available in two lengths. Additionally four new gearhead
sizes are available in 14mm, 19mm, 26mm and 37mm.

The gearheads can be selected and combined with the
motor of preference using the Maxon online motor configuration software. The
16mm and 32mm planetary gearheads now have the option of ceramic planet pins
for increased lifespan as well as a new low noise option.

Maxon Motor also offers a range of encoders in combination
with the motor including a new absolute encoder that allows the cable and
signal output to be configured to suit the control requirements.

All the new products can be selected as part of
the custom motor design, with the full assembly shipped in 11 days.

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