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Maxon Motor introduces new DC servo motor controller

Maxon Motor Australia announces the launch of a new small
DC servo motor controller in an extremely compact form factor.

The 24V 2A DC servo motor controller from Maxon Motor
measures about the size of a postage stamp and can still deliver up to 144W of
power. The servo motor controllers are also highly efficient, which helps create
a convenient solution for many engineering problems, particularly in the fields
of robotics and machine design.

Despite its minute dimensions, the motor controller can
drive both brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors, giving full four quadrant
control over the motors with a PWM frequency of 53.6kHz and a lightning fast
current control bandwidth of 53.6kHz.

Designed for integration directly into the application
as a plug-in module, the DC servo motor controller weighs only seven grams.

Key features of the new Maxon Motor DC servo motor
controllers include RC servo signal inputs for set speed, set current, offset
and current limitation, allowing radio control users to upgrade their devices
with higher quality industrial grade DC motors or brushless motors; maximum speed
limited to 150,000rpm; and full suite of protective functions complementing an
extended operating temperature range up to 80°C.

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