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Maxon Australia introduces new DC motor linear actuators

Maxon Australia has introduced a new range of DC motor
linear actuators featuring advanced brushless DC motor technology. These advancements
in brushless DC motor technology are transforming linear actuation for engineers
designing manufacturing equipment.

For instance, this 8mm diameter brushless DC motor is fitted
with an 8mm diameter planetary gearhead. The gearhead output
flange contains not only the standard set of preloaded radial ball
bearings, but also an additional set of bearings mounted between the radial
bearings configured as an axial thrust block.

By mounting the gearbox thrust bearings between the
radial set, it provides additional separation and increased radial capability. The
importance of this bearing system is intrinsically related to the shaft. Close
scrutiny of the shaft on this tiny gearmotor reveals linear movement. The
ceramic thread is manufactured with tight tolerances on runout and pitch and
with extremely smooth surfaces.

A thread of only 3mm diameter provides up to 27N in
this example, which combined with the precise position control capabilities of
DC servo motors, enables the device in a world of miniaturisation and

All combinations of motor gearhead and actuator are meticulously
customised to suit the application and avoid any unnecessary size or
weight compromises.

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