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Maxon 150W 4-pole brushless DC motors allow autoclaving for surgical applications

Maxon Motor Australia introduces a small powerful brushless DC motor that can be sterilised in an autoclave for use in surgical applications.

The Maxon 4-pole 30mm brushless DC motors had opened up several new possibilities for hand tools in industry when first introduced in the market, with their ground-breaking power density ratio providing 200W from 300 grams. The power from the motor delivered 135mNm at over 15,000rpm, allowing application in automatic pruning shears, portable shearing tools, abattoir processing tools and torque tools.

Maxon Motor has expanded further into the hand tools market with the release of a sterilisable version of the popular motor for the medical tools segment. Finding application in bone saws, surgical drills and acetabulum reaming tools, the 150W 4-pole brushless DC motors still feature nominal speeds of around 15,000rpm and high nominal torques between 80 and 100mNm. 

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