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MatrikonOPC Server now supports Foxboro I/A Series systems version 8.8

Matrikon announces the release of the enhanced MatrikonOPC Server for Foxboro I/A, which now includes support for Foxboro I/A Series systems version 8.8.

The MatrikonOPC Server for Foxboro I/A securely facilitates communication between OPC-enabled client software, such as HMIs, historians and reporting software, and Foxboro I/A devices.

A new update by Invensys allows users of Foxboro I/A 8.8 and above to continue to utilise OPC-based communication by leveraging the AIM* API.

A senior director of control and safety software at Invensys explains that the company places a lot of emphasis on supporting the lifecycle of their systems and installed base customers. For customers who use MatrikonOPC products as part of their existing systems, Invensys acknowledges that Matrikon has ported their products to the preferred APIs in support of I/A Series systems version 8.8 and the migration of those systems to Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Server 2008 R2 operating systems.

Key features of the MatrikonOPC Server for Foxboro I/A include support for FoxAPI, Object Manager and AIM* API; integrated OPC security; real-time (DA) and Historical (HDA) OPC data access; and built-in alias configuration.

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