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MatrikonOPC expands green and renewable energy offering

MatrikonOPC has released its OPC Server for Vestas Wind Turbine Controllers. By providing secure and open connectivity between all Vestas Wind Turbine Controllers and the decision-making points at power utility companies, this OPC Server is a main building block in MatrikonOPC’s Green and Renewable Energy initiative.

Vestas Wind Turbine Controllers are specifically designed for commercial wind power generation systems. The OPC Server for Vestas Wind Turbine Controllers supports a variety of different Vestas Wind Turbine Controllers, enabling users to integrate those controllers to other automation components in the enterprise such as HMIs, historians and ERP.

“This OPC Server was designed specifically with maximum integration in mind. Ease of integration, the ability to monitor and control Vestas Wind Turbine Controllers’ data points and continuous technical support were all metrics applied when we designed this product. Users can feel confident not only in the product, but also in MatrikonOPC’s commitment to delivering secure, reliable and intuitive products to the industry,” said Sean Leonard, Matrikon’s vice president of OPC products.

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