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MatrikonOPC announces Control System Security and OPC workshop

MatrikonOPC has released its “Control System Security and OPC” workshop.

Given the rising rate of industrial cyber incidents, this workshop trains automation professionals on the ”must know” topics that will allow them to properly design and implement secure control networks and OPC architectures.

Armed with this knowledge, automation professionals will be better equipped to overcome major internet cyber security (ICS) threats and risks facing their systems.

Based on the hands-on training format MatrikonOPC uses in all its courses, this workshop covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of implementing secure OPC architectures.

In the workshop students will learn about:

  • Current ICS threats, vulnerabilities and risks,
  • Industry standards and regulations surrounding cyber security,
  • Best practices for secure industrial network architecture, and
  • How to create secure OPC communications.

“The new Control System Security and OPC workshop is designed to provide customers with the practical information they need to build a secure OPC architecture to help protect their assets from cyber threats,” said Jeff Gould, general manager, MatrikonOPC.

More information:
MatrikonOPC Control System Security and OPC Workshop
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