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Matrikon alarm management courses: Book now

Matrikon is holding a series of three-day training courses on Advanced Alarm Management, hosted by one of Matrikon’s technical experts and former Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) president, Craig Baade.

Matrikon’s Advanced Alarm Management three-day training courses will consist of a series of lectures and practical hands-on exercises, allowing attendees to learn the fundamentals of alarm management through to advanced high level alarm design.

Participants will learn the various systematic approaches to improving the quality of their alarm systems and what is the minimum requirement to adhere to the new standards, says Matrikon.

Detailed knowledge will also be gained on various advanced alarm system design techniques such as state-based alarming, predictive alarming, and model-based alarming, the company says.

The courses will be taught by Matrikon’s Queensland operations manager, Craig Baade. According to Matrikon, Baade has over 15 years of experience in alarm management including detail design, advanced alarm techniques, standards compliance, and facilitation of classic and top 20 rationalisation training courses.

Prior to joining Matrikon, Baade spent many years working as a control systems Specialist in various industries including Gold, Sugar, Power, and Alumina. He also recently served two years as president of the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation Australia (IICA) and is extremely passionate about plant performance and continuous improvement, especially with regards to Alarm Management, Matrikon says.

Training dates are as follows:

8.45am — 5pm August 4 – 6, 2009 Sydney, NSW, Australia

8.45am — 5pm August 11 – 13, 2009 Perth, WA, Australia

8.45am — 5pm September 8 – 10, 2009 Melbourne, VIC, Australia

8.45am — 5pm October 6 – 8, 2009 Brisbane, QLD, Australia

The course costs $1,990 including GST, with group discounts available. Register online at the Matrikon website.

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