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MATLAB goes mobile

MathWorks has just launched MATLAB Mobile, allowing users to access the technical computing software remotely from an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app connects mobile devices to MATLAB running on the user’s computer, so they can type in commands, run scripts, and view results. If MATLAB is already installed on a user’s computer, they can download the MATLAB Mobile app and MATLAB Connector for free

MATLAB Mobile 1.0 features:

  • Command-line access to MATLAB running on your computer
  • Access to your MATLAB workspace
  • Ability to view MATLAB figures on your iPhone
  • Record of commands typed on the iPhone in your command history
  • Custom keyboard
  • Ability to connect to MATLAB running on Windows, Mac and Linux

MATLAB Mobile 1.0 does not support:

  • Graphical user interfaces, such as SPTool and Curve Fitting Tool
  • MATLAB Editor
  • Simulink graphical environment, but the sim command is supported at the MATLAB Mobile command line
  • Interaction with 2D and 3D figures
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