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MathWorks releases 2011b of MATLAB and Simulink Product Families

MathWorks has announced Release 2011b (R2011b) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. New in this release is the introduction of Simulink Code Inspector, which facilitates the review of source code generated from Simulink models. R2011b also updates 82 other products, including Polyspace embedded software verification products.

For MATLAB, R2011b highlights include:

· MATLAB: Faster startup on Windows with Startup Accelerator, reading and writing portions of arrays from MAT-files, and new spreadsheet import tool
· Parallel Computing Toolbox: Increase in local workers from 8 to 12
· Image Processing Toolbox: Parallel block processing of large images with Parallel Computing Toolbox
· Global Optimisation Toolbox: Mixed integer nonlinear programming in genetic algorithm solver
· Statistics Toolbox: Lasso and elastic net for linear regression variable selection from high dimensional data sets
· Financial Derivatives Toolbox: Pricing and sensitivity calculations for sinking fund provisions, range bonds, and step up/down coupon bonds
· Data Acquisition Toolbox: Measurement support for IEPE accelerometers
· Instrument Control Toolbox: Bluetooth serial communication support
· Bioinformatics Toolbox: NGS Browser for viewing multiple tracks of sequence alignment data stored in SAM/BAM formats
· Robust Control Toolbox: Automatic tuning of arbitrary controller architectures
· MATLAB Coder: Generation of multicore-enabled MEX functions using parallel for-loops

 R2011b highlights for Simulink include:

· Simulink: Project manager for library, model component, script, and MAT-file configuration management
· Simulink Coder: Concurrent execution on multicore processors for host-based targets and xPC Target
· Embedded Coder: Code coverage with LDRA Testbed® and function execution profiling for SIL and PIL testing
· Simulink Fixed Point: Autoscaling using derived signal ranges
· Simulink Design Optimization: Frequency-domain constraints for model optimization
· SimElectronics: Semiconductor device models with temperature dependent behaviour and configurable thermal ports
· SimEvents: Faster discrete-event simulation and simplified hybrid system modelling
· IEC Certification Kit: ISO 26262 support for Simulink Design Verifier and Simulink Verification and Validation

Release 2011b is available immediately and is being provided to users worldwide with current subscriptions to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service for immediate installation.

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