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MathWorks offers tailored services for ISO 26262 projects with model-based design

MathWorks has launched dedicated Model-Based Design consulting services for ISO 26262 projects.

Automotive engineers can use the ISO 26262 Process Deployment Advisory Service when using MATLAB and Simulink to develop high integrity embedded systems that need to comply with the ISO 26262 standard.

This service complements MathWorks products prequalified by TÜV SÜD against the final release of ISO 26262 by helping engineers through four steps common to many deployments:

1. Familiarisation with Existing Processes and Tools
Review the current embedded software development process, tools, application, determined Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), and required Tool Confidence Levels (TCLs).

2. Gap Analysis
Perform a gap analysis to identify current challenges and process efficiency improvements for an ISO 26262 process framework using Model-Based Design.

3. Targeted Instruction
Provide instruction to fill the specific gaps identified in step 2. Discuss ISO 26262 fundamentals and the TÜV SÜD certified process framework for using Model-Based Design with ISO 26262.

4. Hands-On Deployment Support
Apply the knowledge gained in step 3 to a specific project and providing assistance in a wide range of areas including modeling, simulation, code generation, verification, validation, tool qualification, and system certification.

To streamline ISO 26262 certification of embedded systems developed with Model-Based Design MathWorks offers the IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508), which contains certificates, reference workflows, test suites, and tool qualification artifact templates for Embedded Coder, Simulink Design Verifier, Simulink Verification and Validation, and Polyspace code verification products.

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