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MathWorks introduces Robotics System Toolbox

MathWorks has introduced the Robotics System Toolbox designed to provide
an interface and complete integration between MATLAB and Simulink,
and the Robot Operating System (ROS). Launched as part of Release 2015a,
the new Robotics System Toolbox offers ready-to-use algorithms and hardware
connectivity for developing autonomous mobile robotics applications.

Using the new Robotics System Toolbox from MathWorks, robotics
researchers and engineers can work in a single, integrated design environment
to design, test, and deploy robotics algorithms on ROS-enabled robots and robot
simulators such as Gazebo and V-REP. Users will have more time to focus on
design explorations and iterations by reducing the manual rework of conversion
from MATLAB to ROS.

Algorithms offered within Robotics System Toolbox include map
representation, path planning, and path following for differential drive
robots. Engineers can now design and prototype motor control, computer vision,
and state machine applications in MATLAB or Simulink, as well as integrate them
with core algorithms in Robotics System Toolbox.

Engineers can also generate an ROS node from a Simulink model and deploy
it to a ROS network through the automatic C++ code generation support.

Robotics students and educators already using MATLAB and Simulink to
develop algorithms, visualise robot behaviour, and analyse log data, can now program
a robot or a simulator inside MATLAB and Simulink while continuing to work
with MathWorks hardware support packages for robotics hardware.

According to Sameer Prabhu, industry marketing director, MathWorks, Robotics
System Toolbox brings the algorithm development and system design capabilities
of MATLAB and Simulink to the exciting world of robotics.

He adds that researchers, engineers and students can use the Robotics
System Toolbox to develop a variety of mobile robot applications for use in
automotive, aerospace, defence, medical, and industrial automation systems in a
fully integrated environment featuring MATLAB and Simulink, and ROS-enabled
robots and simulators.

Robotics System Toolbox is available immediately worldwide. 

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