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MathWorks expands system design capabilities in MATLAB

MathWorks has expanded system design capabilities in MATLAB with the launch of Phased Array System Toolbox.

Engineers can use MATLAB with Phased Array System Toolbox to model, simulate and analyse complex phased array systems to gain confidence in their system design across applications such as radar, acoustics and communications.

With capabilities provided as MATLAB functions and MATLAB System objects, Phased Array System Toolbox includes a large library of algorithms for waveform generation, beamforming, direction of arrival estimation, target detection, and space-time adaptive processing.

The toolbox helps engineers model end-to-end phased array systems or use individual algorithms to process acquired data. It includes MATLAB code examples and demos that provide a starting point for implementing user-defined phased array systems.

“Phased Array System Toolbox is among the most significant products for the radar engineering community that I’ve seen in the last forty years,” said John W. Brooks, President, Brooks Enterprises International.

“Traditionally, radar engineers have relied on legacy workflows, but as designs get more complex and a new generation of engineers enters the workforce, maintaining and working with disparate legacy systems becomes increasingly difficult.

"Now, Phased Array System Toolbox builds on the capabilities of MATLAB to offer radar engineers a consistent methodology to work on radar modeling, simulation, and design.”

“Engineers working on radar system design applications are expected to work on disparate tasks such as multidomain system modelling, algorithm development, and architecture exploration,” said Ken Karnofsky, senior strategist for signal processing applications, MathWorks.

“MATLAB with Phased Array System Toolbox enables those engineers to build scalable, reusable system models and signal processing algorithms. This reduces the time needed to model, simulate, and implement radar systems.”

Phased Array System Toolbox lets radar and acoustics engineers build monostatic, bistatic, and multistatic architectures for a variety of array geometries, with the ability to model these architectures on stationary or moving platforms. Array analysis and visualisation tools enable the evaluation of spatial, spectral, and temporal performance.

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