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MathWorks Australia to host energy events

MathWorks Australia has announced it will host two new events this September, catering to the energy industry. Engineers and scientists working in the energy production sector use MathWorks tools to design and develop renewable power sources, efficiently and responsibly identify, extract and process fossil fuels, and to analyse and improve the energy transmission and distribution infrastructure.

The MathWorks Australia Energy Tour will showcase solutions being applied by industry professionals to address challenges created by the rapidly evolving energy landscape. The events will be hosted in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Of particular focus will be how MATLAB and Simulink are being used by engineers, scientists and analysts in the Australian energy industry to evaluate energy resources, develop systems for power generation and distribution, model energy markets, and optimise operational and trading strategies based on rapidly increasing volumes of data.

Andrew Clay, managing director of MathWorks Australia said, “As innovation in the energy sector increases, engineers and organisations will need to adopt software tools that effectively support the pace and scope of development.

"New approaches for the design, operation, and analysis of products and systems will be important, and this is where MathWorks plays a role in providing tools which offer a comprehensive set of capabilities to improve workflow, design, and support innovation.”

Industry expert Dr Graham Dudgeon, currently the Energy Production Marketing Manager at MathWorks, will be visiting Australia from Boston to speak at the events on topics including innovative grid technologies using modelling and simulation, and the dynamic performance of solar and wind farms, as well as deliver the keynotes at each.

Also speaking at the event are local experts Bradley Horton, Application Engineering Team Manager, and David Willingham, Senior Engineer in the energy sector in Australia.

The MathWorks Australia Energy Tour will be hosted in:
· Melbourne on Tuesday 7th September, 8:30am-2:45pm, Rendezvous Hotel
· Brisbane on Thursday 9th September, 8:30am-2:45pm, Rendezvous Hotel

The locally hosted Energy Tour follows the success of the Virtual Energy Conference which MathWorks hosted globally earlier this year. Specific application areas that will be discussed during the event include electric utilities, electric grid technologies, power generation, solar and wind power, oil, gas and petrochemical, and energy trading.


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