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MathWorks announces Release 2013b of the MATLAB and Simulink product families

MathWorks has announced Release 2013b (R2013b) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families, focusing on increased systems integration and compatibility with its latest range of updates.

Release 2013b sees MATLAB and Simulink gain greater integration with increasingly common hardware platforms like 64-bit processors and the Arduino open-source platform.

“In Release 2013b, we’ve sought to update our model-based design toolkit to mesh with the emerging technologies that engineers are embracing today,” said Stephane Marouani, Country Manager – Australia, MathWorks.

“Our continuing goal is to sustain best-practice design by keeping pace with both technological and developmental trends in the many industries we serve around the world.”

The latest range of updates will also significantly enhance MATLAB’s programming capabilities, including greater support for unstructured data types and C/C++ code generation.

A range of MATLAB toolboxes will also receive new features including SPI-based communication with integrated circuits for statistical modelling; and a native ODBC driver to improve access speeds for instrument control.

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