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Marubeni invests in Osmoflo for water treatment engineering

MARUBENI has acquired a 40 percent share of Osmoflo Holdings, an Australian water treatment engineering company for desalination and industrial water.

Osmoflo was established in 1991 at Adelaide, and has installed around 300 water treatment plants for both domestic and international markets and currently operates around 200 water treatment plants.

The company specialises in membrane technology for desalination and industrial water treatment, including reverse osmosis. It currently holds the largest share of the industrial water treatment market in Australia.

According to Marubeni, its investment will position Osmoflo as the strategic “core” company for desalination and industrial water treatment field in Australia and internationally and promote the projects together with Osmoflo all over the world.

Osmoflo technology will be pitched to rich natural resources countries including Latin America and the area of Middle East and China where the demand of the desalination projects are expected to increase.

The investment will also see Osmoflo expand its business activities through collaboration with Marubeni’s other water companies, such as Aguas Nuevas (Chile) and Anhui Guozhen (China).

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