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Maplesoft virtual user summit will forecast company’s technology

Maplesoft will host a virtual user conference this year, bringing together customers, experts, mathematicians, engineering educators and product developers.

Held virtually for the first time, the online conference is on Thursday, 27th February, and promises to be an event with rich presentations, customer insights, and a glance into the future of Maplesoft products and technology.

Jim Cooper, CEO and President, will set the tone for the summit by laying out the company’s vision for education and research. Laurent Bernardin, Chief Scientist and Executive Vice President, R&D, will outline the company’s technology roadmap.

In a series of presentations during the day, STEM educators and researchers will demonstrate their success using Maplesoft technology, and showcase interesting applications and research insights.

Maplesoft developers will illustrate exciting advances in MapleSim, Maple, Maple T.A. and The Möbius Project. Attendees will also have access to free training and resources, as well as opportunities to network.

“We are very excited about the prospect of bringing together our users, customers and developers in one virtual location,” said Jim Dell, Vice President, Marketing, Maplesoft.

“Educators will get insights into bringing lessons to life by using technology to illustrate theory and clarify abstract concepts. Researchers will learn about analytical techniques and large-scale computations that will save time and effort. Overall, the event promises to be an intense learning experience.”

The Maplesoft User Summit will include presentations by approximately 20 users and Maplesoft staff, an exhibit with booths, a communication lounge for live attendee interactions and a resource centre containing whitepapers, recorded webinars, brochures, datasheets, and much more.

The online registration form, full agenda and additional event details can be found here.

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