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Maoneng to use LFP batteries in its Mornington Peninsula BESS


Australian renewable energy company, Maoneng, has announced that its proposed Battery Energy Storage System in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula will use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, as a result of their strong safety performance. 

LFP technology is used around the world in numerous applications. The decision to adopt the technology follows an extensive technical analysis of various battery types available on the global market. 

LFP batteries have a relatively much higher thermal stability and less dense chemical composition than other varieties prominent in utility scale batteries, such as NMC technology. LFP therefore significantly reduces the associated risks. 

In addition to the batteries, the Mornington BESS will also have other safety management measures incorporated into its design. Among these will be a fire detection system, plus an advanced fire suppression system that will operate 24/7 and deploy a condensed aerosol agent, to automatically handle any potential hazard in minutes. 

The fire suppression system is globally proven and used in many critical applications to suppress fire in the enclosed special hazard conditions, often found in power generation, battery energy storage and oil and gas projects. 

The agent itself is environmentally friendly and typically remains suspended in the battery container to help prevent reignition. 

Safety is the company’s top priority, and it is important for people to understand how battery technology varied and risks are mitigated, according to Maoneng co-founder and CEO Morris Zhou. 

“Batteries will play an increasingly important and necessary role as Australia transitions from traditional energy sources to renewable energy,” Zhou said.  

“LFP technology has a very good safety record, which is why we have chosen it for the Mornington BESS. The batteries will be supported by other systems to enable a high level of confidence in our approach to safety.” 

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