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Manufacturing industry the most insecure says Verizon

Verizon Enterprise Solutions (VES) has released its annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), widely considered the most authoritative source on data breaches and cybersecurity. Having analysed cross-industry data from nearly 80,000 reported security incidents across 61 countries, Verizon has that found that denial of service (DoS) and cyber-espionage attacks account for two-thirds of all incidents in the manufacturing sector.

DoS attacks continue to dominate the manufacturing industry at 34 per cent of security incidents compared to an all–industry average of 4 per cent, and are designed to bring down systems and networks.

More worryingly, they have the potential to bring down critical systems while bringing productivity to a standstill, damaging customer and partner relationships, and ultimately compromising a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Coupled with this, Verizon’s DBIR claimed that an additional that one-third of all security incidents faced by the manufacturing sector are attributed to cyber-espionage. 

This, said the company, is of particular concern for manufacturers who hold intellectual property that is attractive to attackers including competitors that might want their proprietary product information, or state-affiliated attackers that could target operations in areas such as aerospace or defence in search of sensitive trade or national secrets.



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