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Manufacturing and Water in a box

A collection of innovative new e-learning resources will provide education and training assistance to some of Australia’s most critical industries.

Funded by the national training system’s e-learning strategy, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework), the Series 11 Flexible Learning Toolboxes (Toolboxes) are responding to the needs of Australian industries.

Toolboxes are high quality, cost effective interactive e-learning and assessment resources featuring scenarios, images and activities that simulate real life. All Toolboxes support nationally endorsed training packages and are designed for use by registered training organisations, business and industry.

In 2008, Series 11 Toolboxes will be developed for the following industry areas:

-Water Industry

Flows will provide learners with a foundation for sustainable water use practices and understandings of water use within the community, as well as supporting Certificate I in Water Sustainability, a newly developed qualification that introduces users to the water industry.

-Manufacturing Industry

Optimate will focus on the new qualification, Certificate III in Process Manufacturing, designed for use across a range of manufacturing industry sectors including chemicals, hydrocarbons and oil refining, plastics, rubber and cablemaking, and manufactured mineral products. The Toolbox will support a range of generic skills required by manufacturing employees to ensure businesses and organisations operate efficiently and productively.

-Community Services Industry

-Business Service Industry

-Financial Services Industry

-Events Industry

-Aeroskills Industry

-Children’s Services Industry

Series 11 Toolboxes will be developed throughout the year and released in early 2009. They will contribute to more than 100 previously developed Toolboxes, helping deliver approximately 170 qualifications and supporting almost 900 units of competency, from a wide range of nationally endorsed training packages.

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