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“Manufacturing: advancing the conversation” launched

Manufacturers have two very clear messages for
the nation…

Today’s successful manufacturers are sophisticated,
resilient and vibrant; indeed they see themselves as ‘advanced’ operators who
are critical to maintaining an advanced economy for Australia. The development
of management skills is a high priority for manufacturing. Enterprises
especially want guidance to navigate conditions that are particular to micro
and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

A flexible and highly skilled workforce is fundamental to
manufacturing’s success. Skill needs are changing and people who can adapt,
problem solve, think creatively and work across traditional skills boundaries
are needed. Science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) skills
underpin future manufacturing.

After an extensive period of research and industry
engagement, MSA’s 2015 Environmental Scan, was officially launched on March 19
2015 at the Australian Workplace Practitioners’ Network (AWPN) Conference by
Bob Paton, Cameron Baker and Sue-Ellen Evans, AWPN Inc President.

The report is titled Manufacturing: advancing the
. Throughout the report you will find many instances where these
conversations need to develop further, whether they be with researchers, policy
makers, economists, educationalists.

MSA prepares this report each year to share the experiences
and opinions of our stakeholders with government decision makers, industry
bodies and you. It is seen as a critical piece of work that aims to capture the
opportunities and challenges facing Australia’s dynamic industry.

The report covers your views on innovation, productivity,
VET reform and policy. It identifies where the workforce development priorities
are for manufacturing sectors and what training is taking place.

MSA would like to gratefully acknowledge everyone who
provided valuable input to this report – whether it was via interviews, surveys,
submissions, visits or other contributions.

Let there be more
conversations now to sustain Australian manufacturing.

Visit the MSA
to access
the 2015 Environmental Scan.


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