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Managing plant automation and control

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‘Programmable Automation Technologies: An Introduction to CNC, Robotics, and PLCs’

Daniel E Kandray

Industrial Press


Divided into four parts, Programmable Automation focuses on programmable automation technologies used in industry. Comprehensive yet concise, this textbook provides a solid foundation of analytical techniques to justify automation and the knowledge and instruction of how to program computer numerical-controlled (CNC) equipment, industrial robots and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Through a practical approach, readers will learn specific programming languages related to each technology including G code and ladder logic. It is sure to be found useful by electrical, industrial, mechanical and/or manufacturing engineering technology undergraduate students, in addition to anyone in industry interested in learning about programmable automation and developing the corresponding programming skills.

‘CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning: Mastering CNC Control Systems’

Peter Smid

Industrial Press


This book covers CNC control set-up in practical detail. A unique reference from the author of the popular CNC Programming Handbook, CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning features nearly all of the activities a typical CNC operator performs on a daily basis. Starting with overall descriptions and in-depth explanations of various features, it goes much further and is sure to be a valuable resource for anyone involved in CNC. The text begins by describing working with all types of offsets for milling and turning applications, along with interpretation of part programs, applying trial cuts and making program changes. It places emphasis on troubleshooting many common problems that occur in CNC operations, and presents suggested methods of correction, along with methods of prevention.

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