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MAK acquires Queensland based Clearmake

Perth based manufacturer, MAK Industrial Water Systems (MAK Water) has acquired Queensland based water treatment manufacturer, Clearmake Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions (Clearmake) as part of a national expansion strategy.

MAK Water has experienced huge growth in demand for desalination and waste water treatment plants as companies seek to desalinate bore or sea water or recycle waste water for remote industrial, commercial and residential operations where water is a scarce commodity.

MAK Water CEO Andy Byk said, “The demand for desalination and water treatment is growing exponentially. The scarcity of water is a growing issue in Australia as rainfall is not as dependable and remote communities and operations have to rely on treating water to fill the gap.”

“MAK Water’s water treatment services enable communities to recycle waste water that would normally be disposed and wasted. Our processes make waste water useful for other purposes, such as toilet flushing, in laundries and for irrigation. Recycling waste water benefits the environment by preserving scarce clean natural water resources for drinking.”

The privately owned company has experienced 50% year on year growth since 2009, servicing mining, oil and gas and other industrial clients as well as communities lacking clean fresh water services such as the town of Eucla, Ayers Rock Resort and Rottnest Island.

“MAK Water operates a dozen desalination plants in the Pilbara region for industrial and drinking water supply for clients such as Woodside, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. In the past we have also run the management of the water systems for the Chevron Gorgon project on Barrow Island servicing a population of 4,500,” Andy Byk said.

Exports account for 15% of MAK Water’s trade, with products exported to the offshore gas industry and clients based in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the Pacific Islands, where MAK Water provides desalination services for the Nauru detention centre.

MAK Water acquired 100% of Clearmake as of 1 July 2013. Clearmake manufactures water treatment and recycling systems that enable industrial waste water and harvested storm water to be recycled for commercial and industrial applications.

Clearmake has developed the technology locally and has over 4,000 systems in operation throughout Australia. They have extensive exposure to the Coal Seam Gas sector, where they have recently supplied condensate recycling systems to Santos for its GLNG project.

MAK Water CEO Andy Byk said that the acquisition was part of MAK Water’s strategy to develop its capabilities on the east coast and provided additional value through MAK’s ability to better support Clearmake’s customers through its Perth, Karratha, Melbourne and Adelaide service offices.

“Clearmake’s water recycling products will enhance MAK Water’s existing capabilities in desalination and waste water treatment and will enable both MAK Water and Clearmake to support each other’s products in new geographical markets. The scarcity of water is a topical issue in WA and is driving innovation in industrial and commercial sectors to look at every option to recycle water,” Andy Byk said.

The Clearmake range of oily water separators enables customers to discharge trade waste to the sewer system. Clearmake also provides a range of spill detection and control systems for the petroleum and electrical distribution industries.

Clearmake’s wash down recycling systems can also enable waste water from vehicle and equipment wash down bays to be recycled. This process has three benefits, it minimises the use of clean water sources, makes use of waste water that would normally be thrown out and lowers the impact on the environment of waste water that is disposed.

“There is also growing demand for harvesting and reuse of storm water – a process that Clearmake has developed that enables the water captured from storm water drains to be processed to a grade that can be used in industrial processes," said Byk

"Our acquisition of Clearmake will make storm water treatment products readily available to companies in Western Australia who are looking for new recycling opportunities to meet their water needs. This process provides another win-win situation for both companies and the environment by recycling water that would usually be wasted and offering an alternative to recycling water from effluent,” added Byk.

MAK Water is a privately owned company based in Malaga employing 40 employees. Clearmake is based near Brisbane and employs 30 employees. MAK Water was purchased in 2009 by four shareholders, CEO Andy Byk, Peter Hood (previously CEO of Coogee Chemicals and Coogee Resources), Gary Steinepreis (Director of Ascent Capital), and Tom Henderson (ex-Managing Director of Deloittes Corporate Finance).

David Lumb, the previous owner of Clearmake remains as General Manager of Clearmake responsible for the growth and development of the business following the acquisition. 

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