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Maintenance specialist expands into new areas

Engineering and maintenance specialist Run Right Engineering has expanded into areas including the printing industry, breweries, and food and beverage sectors.

Utilising a national network of engineers and mechanical specialist, the company now works in a partnering arrangement with its clients, on site, to repair, maintain and optimise production lines and processing equipment.

Managing Director of Run Right Engineering, Mr Dario Biljuh, says most operators call them in a panic when their machines have stopped due a breakdown. “This is almost always due to a lack of ongong maintenance and associated issues,” said Mr Biljuh. “What we aim to encourage is for these business to arrange and implement scheduled maintenance to boost efficiencies.

“We have much experience and a trained eye to see potential problems so that an efficient maintenance plan will boost processes and reduce downtime.

“Downtime is the biggest productivity breaker in Australia. Each time a machine breaks down, the operator knows that costs keep adding up as they don’t stop with the machine.”

For more information, contact Dario Biljuh, 0425 209 555,

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