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Magnetostrictive linear position sensors


Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Temposonics E-Series EP2 position sensor, which provides high durability and precise position measurement feedback in harsh industrial environments. The compact and smooth aluminium profile offers flexible mounting options and simple installation. Moreover, the position magnet can travel along the entire flat housing profile. The product is suitable for industrial applications including plastics moulding and processing, packaging, factory automation, stone and marble processing machines, and the glass and ceramic industries.

Flexible output options:

  • Analog voltage/analog current (use of multiple magnets is possible)
  • CANopen
  • IO-Link
  • SSI
  • Start-stop with sensor parameters upload function

Stroke lengths:

  • 50…2540mm (analog, CANopen, IO-Link, SSI)
  • 50…3000mm (start/stop)
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