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Magellan gets WA utility approval

The Magellan Residential Energy Storage System (RES1) has been issued a “Certificate of Suitability” which certifies that it complies with the Australian Standard AS4777 and has been approved for use by the Western Australian utility Western Power.

The Magellan Residential Energy Storage System is an Australian made and designed system which stores solar power during the day, and makes it available for use when there is no sun, for example at night.

Managing Director of Magellan Masoud Abshar says the certification is a triumph for the Australian renewable energy industry, the economy, and Australian know-how.

“For too long the Australian renewable energy industry has settled for the role of follower. With the calibre of design and engineering knowledge in our economy, and the research capabilities in our universities Magellan intends to change this trend and become an international leader in this field”.

On receiving the certification Magellan is already in discussions regarding supplying the technology to areas of immediate need such as remote Aboriginal communities, who’s high running cost has been the subject of recent debate.

The RES1 is for use in homes or small businesses. It can be installed in a garage, or under the eaves by the side of the house, and is capable of storing low cost grid power at night for use at peak demand time.

It consists of a 5kVA state of the art bidirectional inverter, and 9.2kWh of safe and reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The batteries are similar to those used in electric vehicles, and give excellent cycle life and reliability.

The Residential Energy Storage RES1 is designed to save on electricity bills, and puts the control of energy costs firmly back into consumer hands and significantly cuts electricity bills, produces income and reduces carbon emissions.

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