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Mackay invests in engineering software for product development

MACKAY Consolidated Industries has invested in cutting edge software for its Product and Process Development department.

Mackay Consolidated Industries is an Australian company which supplies a diverse range of engineered rubber and bonded metal/rubber composite products for the automotive, defence, transport, construction and industrial markets.

The PPD department in the company designs and develops new rubber products, and refines and modernises existing products.

The department is also responsible for the tooling design for the multitude of moulds that are required for Mackay’s extensive product range.

To aid in this work, Mackay invested in licenses for powerful Adams Kinematic Modeller, and the ANSYS non linear Finite Element Modeller.

According to the company, the virtual engineering tools enable Mackay to understand the system and review how rubber components will perform across a wide range of real life conditions.

The ANSYS software allows Mackay to examine areas such as stress/strain levels, modal analysis and calculate the rubber volume required and cure temperature/time parameters before the part is manufactured.

The Adams modeller enables Mackay to build a virtual vehicle to test its theoretical dynamic behaviour.

Mackay claims the software tools allow the PPD department to bypass or reduce the expensive and time consuming steps of producing pre-production models.

Mackay is a first tier supplier to a number of automotive OEMs including Ford, General Motors and Toyota. They are also a second tier supplier to a number of other manufacturing companies which provide various products to the major automotives. Mackay is also a long term supplier to the Australian Defence Industry.

For more information, contact Mackay Consolidated on (03) 9276 4633

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