Low-backlash transmission ideal for automation tasks

The new low-backlash TQF series of precision planetary flanged gearboxes from Bonfiglioli is engineered with outstanding torsional stiffness for applications such as industrial automation.

It is the latest in the versatile TQ series of Bonfiglioli Transmissions that are ideal for applications demanding high dynamic characteristics and the ability to handle a high number of start-stops and reversals with outstanding reliability.

The TQF flanged design is suited to machine tools, packaging machines, precision rotary axis drives, traveling gantries, columns and material handling axis drives, as well as tasks requiring high positioning accuracy, dynamic cycling operations, tilting movement and compact solutions for motion control.

Typical applications requiring high performance servo drive systems with extremely low backlash include working centres for metal, wood marble, stone, printing, paper and glass products across diverse industries.

The TQF series – which joins the TQ in-line series and TQK right-angle series – comes in five sizes delivering rated output torque ranging from 30 to 800 Nm and acceleration output torque from 45 to 1200Nm, covering the needs of most industrial automation applications requiring the high dynamic performance offered.

Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia Sales Engineer Daniel Vera says the TQF has the highest torsional stiffness in the TQ family of drives, delivering increased accuracy and higher radial load to offer greater overall load capacity and high reliability. The monobloc planet carrier ensures higher radial load capability as well as markedly higher torsional stiffness, offering a high safety factor for transmissible torque and increased dynamic response. Bearings have been carefully selected and sized to suit the torque rating of the gearbox and provide quieter operation. The new series features a high level of mechanical protection (IP65), a flanged output (similar to EN ISO 9409), and a low level of acoustic pressure.

The new TQF series is ideally suited for Bonfiglioli’s BMD permanent magnet high performance servo motor, which has compact dimensions, giving it considerable advantages in torque density, overall dimensions and performance.

Bonfiglioli’s TQF precision planetary flanged gearbox can be combined with its BMD permanent magnet high performance servo motor, as shown above

“TQ in-line, TQK right-angle gearboxes, and TQF flanged series require only limited maintenance to guarantee life-long low backlash and reliability. Their high overload capacity represents an important safety factor for many applications,” says Mr Vera.

“Various innovative solutions have been introduced in these new series to ensure high performance and outstanding torque density. Such solutions include new tooth profiles, a new lubrication and seal system, an integral planet carrier shaft, and their upgraded bearing system.

“Owing to its design and innovative manufacturing process, it is possible to get the TQF series’ backlash lower than 3 arcmin (minute arc). Two backlash classes are available for even more flexibility.”

Features of the TQ range include:

  • Highest flexibility for input flanges to match Bonfiglioli servomotors and most typical servomotors available
  • Modular design to comply with individual needs due to features such as smooth shaft/key shaft, standard and reinforced bearings; standard and low backlash and universal design allows any mounting orientation.
  • Reliable sizing and accurate, clearly defined catalogue rating together with application optimisation achieved by Bonfiglioli’s servo sizing tool, which is designed to avoid over-sizing that increases initial system cost as well as ongoing operating costs of s servo system.
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