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Low-backlash planetary flanged gearboxes

The new low-backlash TQF series of precision planetary flanged gearboxes from Bonfiglioli is engineered with the torsional stiffness necessary for applications such as industrial automation.

Typical applications requiring high performance servo drive systems with extremely low backlash include working centres for metal, wood marble, stone, printing, paper and glass products across diverse industries.

Furthermore, the product’s flanged design is suited to machine tools, packaging machines, precision rotary axis drives, traveling gantries, columns and material handling axis drives, as well as tasks requiring high positioning accuracy, dynamic cycling operations, tilting movement and compact solutions for motion control.

This latest series – which joins the TQ in-line series and the TQK right-angle series – comes in five sizes delivering rated output torque ranging from 30 to 800Nm and acceleration output torque from 45 to 1200Nm, which covers the needs of most industrial automation applications.

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