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Loop-powered isolator

ALVI Technologies has released the BL540, a compact, accurate, reliable loop-powered isolator from its low-cost BasicLine series.
By reliably decoupling the field and control levels, the device prevents system malfunctions.

At 1.7V voltage drop, the device needs no auxiliary power supply but can be powered through the loop – this results in the additional advantage of a much reduced wiring effort.
The isolator features a 0.2% full scale accuracy and are CE-compliant. One and two-channel devices are available in a 6mm DIN rail housing.

Strictly concentrating on basic functions, the company has tailored the device for mechanical engineering companies that need precise and reliable yet cost-optimised isolators for large-scale applications. It is said to feature high level of manufacturing quality and precision as well as complete galvanic isolation.

The company’s BasicLine comprises transducers for all major control cabinet requirements: current, voltage, or temperature measurement, conversion of standard signals or measured values, signal isolation, and set-point monitoring.

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