LogBox Connect and IIoT

NOVUS Automation has recently launched a new data logger family – the LogBox Connect. It provides wireless connectivity to field signals and devices while offering ease of integration.

The LogBox Connect comes in three different versions – 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy. These can fulfill connectivity and data acquisition needs of any application.

Each of the models has two or three universal analogue inputs and digital inputs and outputs. The LogBox Connect is able to log and store 140,000 readings to internal memory, which can, depending on the model, be transferred to the cloud, to a smartphone or read locally.

In this article, we will review a case study using the LogBox 3G to provide a low-cost solution and explain the advantages and usage within the industry in any segment.

Case study – Remote water pump station control

Let’s imagine the following scenario: a company has three remote sites in nearby towns and in each of these sites there is one water pump station that must be monitored and controlled. The important variables are: water tank level, flow and the pump status. There is no cabled internet connection in these sites and they are very far from each other. These pumps need to be controlled from both the company’s central offices and from the maintenance engineers’ mobile phones. These engineers will eventually need to turn the pumps on or off from their mobiles. It is desired that all sites could be monitored from a based monitoring system displaying important alarms and variables.

Value proposition

The solution offered would integrate a LogBox 3G in each of the sites to provide connectivity and control for the pumps while the NOVUS Cloud platform will display relevant data in a user-friendly way.

The flow, level and status sensors are connected directly to the LogBox via its analogue and digital built-in inputs. Its digital output is connected to a contactor that can switch on or off the water pump.

The LogBox 3G requires a SIM card to connect to the internet and send SMS alarms. It will record data locally and then send this data to the cloud system periodically. In case internet connection is lost, the device will keep the data in its internal memory until the connection is back on.

SMS alarms are sent to the maintenance team in case level is too low or too high. This also happens if the water flow is not according to the specification. In case any alarming situation happens, the maintenance team can switch the pump station on or off via SMS command while they travel to the location to perform maintenance.


The NOVUS Cloud portal can be used to access historical data, display variables from all sites or to configure the devices assigned to the portal.

This is a safe environment to store your data, password protected and with defined user’s hierarchy. Most importantly, it can be accessed from anywhere. NOVUS Cloud portal is free of charge for LogBox Connect users. Besides this, the LogBox 3G can be easily configured using a PC through its USB. There is no need for expensive cables or software – it is all free of charge and available for download at NOVUS website.

Connecting Logbox 3G to Novus Cloud

The Logbox 3G is entirely based on cloud systems, with direct connection to NOVUS Cloud, where the device can be accessed for configuration and/or data collection locally (via USB) or remotely (via NOVUS Cloud). The device is designed for distributed applications where users need to monitor remote processes without Wi-Fi connectivity. Simply insert a SIM CARD with a data plan enabled, make the power and sensor connections on the device, and register it on NOVUS Cloud through NXperience software to access data from anywhere in the world.

It has also an alternative model with GPS geolocation, contributing to applications that need to monitor the location of the merchandise. In order to make sure the process never stops being monitored in the event of a power outage, it keeps scanning the sensors and publishing into the cloud for a few hours through internal batteries that automatically recharge when power is restored.

If you want further information about the Logbox Connect and Novus Cloud, please contact Ocean Controls.

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