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Local SCADA firm merges operations with automation giant

In a strategic move for Australian SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) manufacturer Citect, it will begin merging its field operations with that of its parent-company, Schneider Electric, the latter of which will also be investing a lump some of money into Citect research and development.

Citect’s sales, professional services and training teams will now be part of Schneider Electric’s in all of the 20 worldwide locations where Citect runs offices, with a Schneider Electric-funded, centralised research and development base in Sydney, Australia, where Citect was born.

The industrial automation provider which was bought by Schneider Electric in 2006 will begin to “properly utilise Schneider’s power” in what Citect chief executive officer, Christopher Crowe, called “stage two of post-integration” between the two companies in an interview with PACE magazine.

Once only Schneider Electric’s domain, Citect will now also be reporting to the Schneider Electric global head office in France.

Effective on 1st January 2009, the new move is good news for both companies, with Schneider Electric having Citect’s SCADA expertise at its disposal while Citect will be able to leverage Schneider’s huge global presence.

The news will see Citect strengthen its already superior service to customers, while also allowing it to further develop its Citect software suite, the company says.

“The combined expertise of the Citect and Schneider Electric automation field operations teams will give customers simpler but greater access to our integrated automation solutions, while our increased investment in research and development, and focus on service and support, will further increase the value we offer customers,” said Crowe in a statement to the press.

Citect will continue to support its overseas distribution partners, however these players will now be able to contact a single location for all Citect and Schneider Electric orders and enquiries.

Citect will also continue to manufacture the Vijeo Citect SCADA software for Schneider Electric, which is a re-branded version of the popular CitectSCADA software and was developed by the two companies to offer customers the option of a full Schneider Electric-branded hardware and software solution.

“The integration of the field operations teams, and their on-going management under Schneider Electric, adds a new level of service to the combined group as they are able to more expertly address customers’ needs for a hardware and software solution,” said Schneider Electric managing director, pacific zone, Lionel Finidori, in a press release.

“At the same time, Citect’s expanded R&D program and its focus on services and support, protects the integrity of the software, both at the development and implementation stages.”

Citect has achieved a massive 20 per cent growth since it was acquired by Schneider Electric — growth that the company hopes to maintain with an injection of $20 million into research and development over the past three months, according to Crowe.

Citect will be developing a new corporate video for its customers complete with testimonials.

“Customers will be expecting a higher level of customer service now and we plan to give them just that,” Citect global marketing manager, Majella Nolan, told PACE magazine.

“Research and development and customer service are core to the development of the company.”

For more information, contact Citect by emailing, phoning 1300 131 631 (within Australia) or visiting

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