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Loadrite delivers reliability

Loadrite specialises in highly advanced scale systems for loaders, excavators and conveyor belts as well as reporting software.

"There are so many uncontrollable variables in mining, our Loadrite monitoring systems give miners a measure of certainty and accuracy to improve the business efficiency of any operation," said Loadrite Australasian region manager, Bruce Warner.

"If you don’t know what your production rate is, then you don’t know if you’re getting the most out of your operation. Loadrite products will increase profitability, improve operational efficiency and let miners take control of their production.

"Mine designers can now compare the actual production rate of the mine to the rate expected when the mine was being developed. This enables cash flow to be more accurately forecast."

Mines often contract out parts of their operations. "In the production areas, most contracts have agreed provisions for production throughput levels. Loadrite systems give highly accurate methods for monitoring throughput. This can dramatically reduce the likelihood of disputes between the contracting parties."

Loadrite scales for wheel loaders, excavators and conveyors have been making a big impact at mines across Australia, according to Warner. "Measurement errors between estimates and actual production can be costly and it’s not uncommon for mines to have errors of more than 20 per cent.

With a Loadrite scale solution the mine can eliminate this uncertainty. Loadrite scales reduce the uncertainty of a mine’s monthly reconciles and in doing so improve overall production."

Loadrite scales used in conjunction with data modems and reporting software are versatile. "Production data can be shared quickly and efficiently with both the contractor and the mine owner. This allows managers to make tough, real-time informed decisions to increase productivity and reduce cost by removing problems and bottle necks," says Warner.

Loadrite recently launched the new generation C-Weigh 3860 belt scale integrator and Insight reporting system to its Loadrite family. Keeping track of production from crushing and screening plants is essential for business efficiency, but up until now has been costly and very difficult.

According to Warner, Loadrite’s IM-Series Insight software makes it easy to produce a range of useful reports.

"With Insight, companies can cost effectively identify bottlenecks and pinch points in their production processes. Users can track tonnes per hour through the plant, track inventory and assess the wear rate of parts. They can also exactly track the time when the plant is running but not producing and keep tabs on downtime," said Warner.

"Having access to this information means companies can properly assess their procedures and confirm the impact of the changes they introduce."

A lot of mines have already very expensive PLC/SCADA systems installed which are able to monitor the production. Loadrite’s solution provides similar production reports at a fraction of the cost.

"Loadrite is helping miners mine smarter and the Loadrite system can cater for any size operation small or large. Loadrite has a range of weighing systems designed for wheel loaders, from entry-level through to advanced functionality options.

"Whether you require basic weighing information for a small loader, or greater accuracy and data capture capabilities for production-sized loaders, we have the solution for you," said Warner.

Loadrite’s versatility has also seen its wheel loader system widely used for boggers in underground mining operations.

Loadrite’s excavator scales have been designed and engineered specifically for bucket excavators and can be fitted to excavators to measure production down at the face.

The Loadrite X-Series excavator scales use Multi-Dimensional Compensation weighing technology to achieve accurate weighing performance with no disruption to the operation of the excavator.

"We’re all looking for better ways to improve efficiency," said Warner. He says the Loadrite reporting tools installed on a computer can turn a Loadrite On-board scale into a modern business management tool.

"Loadrite systems enable you to gather load data from your Loadrite scale and transfer it across a site in a secure, paperless manner."

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