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Load cells for In-Line endurance applications

load cells

Futek has announced its LSB series of load cells, which offer not only a vast capacity range, but many capabilities that are suitable for In-Line endurance applications. The series includes seven models covering a broad capacity range, size, thread options and cable outputs, with applications ranging from industrial automation to delicate medical testing.

Features include:

Vast capacities

With measurements at 10g to 25,000lb., this line has the ability to fit many applications requiring endurance testing. When paired with any of the USB Solutions, this series can produce measurements as precise as 0.10g.

Overload protection

Due to their robust construction, select models can sustain high volume loads. The sensor line has been specifically designed with a protective feature that limits the output of the sensor, shielding it from being damaged. This feature provides the user assurance that if overload is accidentally applied to the load cell it will still perform to its intended abilities.


For applications involving liquids, LSB210 is offered as an option for submersible capabilities. It can be submerged in any non-conductive and non-corrosive liquid.

OEM options

The line was designed to allow for easy adaptation per application. With no loss in the quality or precision, the stock unit design can be modified to fit the user’s criteria. This is a cost-effective solution for clients wishing to customise a large quantity of units for their applications.


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