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Lloyd’s Register certifies breakthrough technology for treatment of H2S and toxic vapours

Enware Australia announces that Timilon Technology Acquisitions has
achieved worldwide Lloyds Register of London Product Verification Scheme
certification for its FAST-ACT chemical neutralising technology.

Enware is the exclusive distributor for Timilon in Australasia, SE Asia,
India, Middle East Gulf regions and UK, focused specifically on Military,
Hazmat and Maritime markets.

Scott Whittaker, Business Development Manager at Enware Australia explains
that Timilon’s breakthrough product uses nanomaterial technology to adsorb and
destroy a wide range of toxic chemical compounds, particularly hydrogen sulphide
and its derivatives, especially in confined spaces and oil and gas streams.

Mr Whittaker says the non-toxic and stable product, which is one of the
world’s most advanced chemical hazard neutralisation technologies, has wide-ranging
industry applications. FAST-ACT finds application in diverse industries including
oil and gas, maritime shipping and container logistics, in addition to resources,
energy, materials handling, processing and manufacturing operations.

Timilon and Enware tested the product extensively with Lloyds Register
for more than two years in the lead-up to the certification. Lloyds Register offices
in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Houston and London were all involved in the
evaluation process.

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