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Liquid based BSI inclination sensors from Balluff

Sensor specialist Balluff introduces a new range of liquid-based BSI inclination sensors designed to detect deviations to the horizontal on an axis over a full 360° contact-free.

Offering an extremely high accuracy of 0.1°, resolution of 0.01° and temperature drift of just 0.01% /10K, the new BSI inclination sensors from Balluff are ideal for complex applications where inclination angles need to be precisely detected or rotary movements must be constantly tracked.

The high precision sensors are particularly effective in applications where deviations from the horizontal or to the vertical axis need to be determined with high resolution and accuracy, such as in wind power stations, solar-thermal power plants, oil and gas production plants, and medical technology including computer tomography and irradiation facilities.

Key features of BSI inclination sensors include compact and robust metal housing with an enclosure rating of IP 67; easy installation in systems with limited space; and expanded temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C for use in outdoor applications.

Based on a capacitive measuring principle, Balluff BSI inclination sensors are equipped with a liquid-based measuring cell consisting of four capacitors filled with a liquid dielectric. Depending on the inclination of the sensor, the ‘horizon’ of this medium covers the capacitors differently, causing the capacitance to change as measure for the inclination angle. The analogue output signal from 4 – 20mA is scaled linearly over the angular range of 360°.

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